Nuart Aberdeen: call for new mural display space

Organisers of the Nuart Aberdeen street festival have made a “call for walls” to identify sites in the city centre for the festival’s return in 2018.

Supported by the City Centre Masterplan, Nuart made its debut in 2017 and saw murals painted by globally-acclaimed artists.

Adrian Watson, chief executive of Aberdeen Inspired, said:  “The festival team has started work to identify prospective new walls in the city centre for street artists to use next year. I’d encourage property owners and businesses in the city centre who would like to be considered to contact us.”

Held in the Norwegian city of Stavanger since 2001, and widely regarded as the world’s leading celebration of street art, Nuart Aberdeen was the first overseas version of the festival.

Martyn Reed, director and curator of Nuart, said: “We’ll be in town shortly to scout locations, and the more options we get the better.”

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