Business case for improved public space wins backing

The business case for a city centre improvement plan was approved today by Aberdeen City Council’s Strategic Commissioning Committee.

The proposal would enhance the setting for the Art Gallery and Cowdray Hall and enhance the area outside Robert Gordon’s College.

Designs for the full scheme – which has an estimated cost of approximately £2.5million – will be drawn up and sources of funding support explored. The plan would have to be brought back to Council for consideration, including funding.

Councillor Jenny Laing, Co-Leader and convener of Strategic Commissioning Committee, said: “We have today approved the business case for a scheme that has the potential to significantly contribute to the transformation of the city centre.

“Aberdeen City Council is committed to creating a vibrant place for all through the Masterplan and if approved the Schoolhill plan would support that vital work.”

Last month the Council’s Capital Programme Committee agreed to move forward with Stage 1 of the scheme, which would see part of the existing footway widened whilst maintaining two-way traffic.

It is recommended that the Council’s City Growth and Resources Committee agrees the £550,000 cost when it meets on Tuesday 19 June.