Aberdeen arts festival basks in record-breaking glory

Record-breaking crowds attended Nuart Aberdeen over the Easter weekend to enjoy the third edition of the annual street arts festival.

The event, led by Aberdeen Inspired and Aberdeen City Council, drew an estimated 30,000 people to the city centre, where new murals adorned buildings and walls.

This year’s event theme explored the importance of storytelling and its relationship to the city.

Adrian Watson, chief executive of Aberdeen Inspired, said: “Nuart Aberdeen is a festival unlike any other in the UK and the universal support and affection it holds in the hearts of locals and visitors alike is incredible.

“Alongside our Nuart colleagues in Stavanger, we have brought in the best international artists from around the globe.

“From the legendary John Byrne launching proceedings on Thursday night to our rebellious seniors taking to the streets and youngsters engaging with art through chalk and LEGO, it really has been the best festival yet and leaves an important legacy for Aberdeen.”

Martyn Reed, Director and Curator of Nuart, said: “Ultimately everything boils down to the opening weekend, did we get it right, is the art doing its job, are we contributing to making the world a better place.

“The conversations, the smiles, the laughter and the stream of thank you’s we received over the weekend from the people we met in the streets, would seem to imply we did. And that’s all the encouragement we need to start thinking about next year. Thank you Aberdeen, we salute you!”

Nuart Aberdeen is supported by delivery partners Burness Paull and The McGinty’s Group.

Globally renowned street artists who have made their unique mark on the city include Axel Void, Ememem, Ben Eine, Evol, Helen Bur, Hush, Julio Anaya Cabanding, Smug, Vhils, Jan Vormann, Hama Woods, Dotmasters and Anders Gjennestad aka Strok.

As part of our the City Centre Masterplan’s Aberdeen 365 events strategy, the City Council is expanding the cultural offering.

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