Kids’ Quiz

1. Where is the cycle race shown above taking place?
Ο  Paris
Try again.
Ο  London
Try again.
Ο  Aberdeen
Correct! It is one of many annual events held in the city centre.
2. How old is Aberdeen?
Ο  8,000 years
Correct! People first settled at the mouths of the city’s rivers where they found food.
Ο  800 years
Try again.
Ο  8 million years
Try again.
3. Aberdeen is known as The Granite City. But what is granite?
Ο A type of fish used to in bread making
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Ο The name of an ancient city ruler called Granite the Great
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Ο The stone used for many city centre buildings

4. The sculpture above is found in the new Marischal Square in the city centre. Which animal does it show?
Ο  A leopard
Correct! The sculpture, called Poised, is by Andy Scott and sits in Marischal Square.
Ο  A tiger
Try again.
Ο  A wolf
Try again.
5. Which sea creature can be spotted close to Aberdeen’s city centre?
Ο  Turtle
Try again.
Ο  Dolphin
Correct! They gather at the harbour mouth and are sometimes seen off the beach too.
Ο  Walrus
Try again.