City Living

06/07/16 Housing construction at Smithfiueld Development

A “living city for everyone” is one of the Masterplan’s eight objectives and the aim is to add 3,000 new residents to the city centre over the next 25 years.

A major study, carried out by real estate specialists Savills, will be used to take forward a number of Masterplan projects aimed at delivering new homes.

The Masterplan aims to widen the choice of housing and access to local amenities so that a more diverse population in terms of age, income and lifestyle can enjoy an urban lifestyle.

Masterplan housing proposals include:

  • Queen’s Square, a new residential-led mixed use development opportunity
  • Torry Waterfront on the south bank of the River Dee at Torry, with new pedestrian bridge over the river

Simpson Buglass of Savills said: “Aberdeen will continue to be underpinned by high quality housing, top-performing schools, universities, good local amenities, improving infrastructure and an increasingly diversified local economy, which is not solely dependent on oil.”