City Living

06/07/16 Housing construction at Smithfiueld Development

A “living city for everyone” is one of the Masterplan’s eight objectives and the aim is to add 3,000 new residents (1,500 homes) to the city centre over the next 25 years.

Aberdeen City Council is currently consulting with housebuilders, the local business community and other key stakeholders on a strategy drawn up by real estate specialists, Savills.

Suggestions from Savills for include creating a flagship residential project; forming a dedicated City Living Team; and a time-limited freeze on developers’ contributions and affordable housing for schemes of 50 units or fewer.

The Masterplan aims to widen the choice of housing and access to local amenities so that a more diverse population in terms of age, income and lifestyle can enjoy an urban lifestyle.

Simpson Buglass of Savills said: “Aberdeen will continue to be underpinned by high quality housing, top-performing schools, universities, good local amenities, improving infrastructure and an increasingly diversified local economy, which is not solely dependent on oil.”

Savills’ strategy can be found here.